Quality Assurance

  • Quality Management System as per ISO 9001 is the Lifestyle for us at RUNA. We care about the environment and the surrounding in which we operate and hence we are proud to announce that we are ISO  14001 certified company.
  • The stringent quality checks at different levels, right from procurement to production and packed finished goods is an everyday affair at RUNA. 
  • At RUNA, Changing with the times is the bottom line. 
  1. Quality Assurance:-
    The Independent Quality Assurance department is there to confirm that all the activities of IMS are executed as planned.
  2. Distribution:-
    All finished products are stored in a defined adequate area with proper labeling. There is proper identification & traceability of each product stored in the finished goods area. All products stored in the finished goods area are well segregated. The products are dispatched in a closed, pre-inspected vehicle. A record of dispatch is maintained by the store’s department. Approved transporter and/or transporter requested by Customer is used.
  3. Market Complaint:-
    Usually, the first recipient of the complaint is a person from the marketing/sales department. He forwarded the complaint to QA along with relevant documents or samples if any received from the customer for further actions. A salesperson enters the details of the complaint in a register such as date of receipt, complaint reference, details of the complaint, nature of complaint, CAPA & remark. After logging off the complaint QA starts the investigation process along with the respective department heads. Nature of complaint is identified & CAPA is initiated. Details of actions are recorded & the conclusion is drawn. QA is responsible for approval of CAPA. After approval of CAPA, it is the responsibility of sales or QA to communicate with the customer for the closure of the complaint. The complaint is treated as closed after receiving feedback from the customer. If feedback is not received within the stipulated time then the complaint is treated as closed.
  4. Product Recall:-
    The recall might be initiated as a result of a market complaint or enforcement of legal authorities. After authorization of the MD or CEO of the organization, QA initiates the process of the Product recall. QA communicates with DH of sales, production, stores& QC. Then it is the responsibility of QA to inform to the regulatory body. Classification of product recall is identified. The sales head intimate the customer to hold the use of material by sending an official letter. The store’s department then confirms the stock & perform the reconciliation. Any actions decided are recorded and completed. All these activities are approved by QA. Records of Product Recall are maintained by QA.
  5. Self Inspection:-
    Self-inspection or internal audit is conducted once in three months to evaluate & monitor the implementation of standard quality & environmental systems on all aspects of production, quality control, stores, purchase & sales, quality assurance & management representative. The audit is done by approved internal auditors. The auditor cannot audit his own department. QA prepares the internal audit schedule & internal audit plan and then circulates them with respective departments. Observations noted during the audit are recorded & then discussed with department heads. Any non-conformity raised during an audit is explained to the department head. The department head then initiates the CAPA procedure & submits the relevant documents to QA to close non-conformity. The effectiveness of CAPA is verified by QA.